“If you think A Christmas Carol is a succinct and wise treatise on the true purpose of human life, John McCaffrey asks you to think again. In What’s Wrong With This Picture? he tackles not only the myth of overnight redemption à la Scrooge, but also man’s search for meaning in myriad and humorous ways. The author seeks to catch a glimpse of what is just outside the frame of our “picture perfect” stories, and his offbeat angle will both make you think and keep you entertained.” Kara Post-Kennedy, author and editor at The Good Men Project

“With the rhythmic precision of a prose poem, Two Syllable Men charts the interiors of 12 remote men in or around love.  John McCaffrey writes with a musicality that’s rare in literature today.” Iris Smyles, Iris Has Free Time

“The futuristic world in McCaffrey’s Book of Ash is eerily believable. It’s a future that isn’t farfetched, and that definitely sparked both worry and hope in me as I read. Often, writers create a brighter world to look forward to. McCaffrey cuts straight to the bone. The future isn’t necessarily better or worse–just different, darker, and (yes) funnier. ” Douglas Light, East Fifth Bliss

“Johnny is one of those effortless storytellers that makes you feel like you are sharing a mug with that great friend who is always funny, curious, quirky, insightful, and—with not a drop of pretense—poignant. The pleasure was all mine!” Scott Hamilton Kennedy, Academy Award nominated filmmaker